About Us

The Creative Learning Company

The Creative Learning Company (CLC) was formed to assist educational organizations, corporations and businesses in addressing and managing emerging critical challenges as they relate to educational environments, corporate culture and societal trends. Rapid change requires new coping tools. Experienced members of our team work with administrators, business leaders, teachers and community organizations to analyze, strategize, and train staff to transform their particular culture into a more creative, harmonious and productive landscape where doing the right thing is good for business. Increased productivity, motivation and inspiration are some of the by-products of CLC workshops and customized training programs. The Lovewell Method is one of the many tools utilized by CLC to affect lasting changes in your work environment. Collaboration, team building, creative empowerment and resilience are teachable skills that CLC is prepared to weave into your world. 

Contact us at david@creativelearningcompany.com or call 785-746-2003 for more information.